Mission to Mexico

In the words of Patricia Binchy, fcJ, Provincial Leader:

On September 8, we officially begin our presence in Mexico City as Shirley Majeau, Nancy Mitchell and Silvana Toledo travel together to Mexico on September 6, 2006, to establish a community there.

Flower in vase.All of you have offered your support of this venture through prayer, and I know that Silvana, Nancy and Shirley appreciate and count on this support. Some Companions in Mission have offered generous financial contribution for this venture.

Let us rejoice in this possibility of spreading our FCJ charism in another country, and we rejoice also in the generosity of Shirley, Nancy and Silvana in their response.

This involves letting go and pain as we experience our fewness of numbers, but with our focus on the mission of Jesus, we are each called to say our “Yes” in faith and “proclaim the Truth, Jesus who is alive and lives among us”. (Constitutions No. 3)

Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe, Ciudad de México.