Tejer nuevos sueños

Image of a dreamcapture.Esto es lo que nuestor Dios 'mirando al mundo con compasión' nos pide AHORA, sólo esto
… estar apasionaddas por Jesús y por Su misión
… vivir con entusiasmo nuestra identidad FCJ
… optar por la vida (GC 2003)

This was the inspiration from our Last General Chapter and over the last two years the Province of the Americas has engaged in a discernment process Called Weaving New dreams aimed at choosing life.

Seven sisters  formed a Weaving Circle with the  goal of shaping recommendations that would give creative, practical directions for the province for these next 5 years and to offer these possibilities to the Provincial for decision and action. To do this, the Weaving Circle took  all the evaluation material available from the province and gathered other necessary information.  They consulted with sisters in the province and engaged in a discernment process as group. In doing so they recognized that it is important to hear everyone’s voice as  we discern our way forward. Throughout the process we have all prayed for openness to the Spirit.

The group presented their report to the provincial and  council who in turn gave the following themes that had emerged from the process to the Province.

Using a team approach involving FCJs, Companions in Mission and others:

*      We find ever more suitable ways of sharing the richness of our spirituality.
*      We enhance our concern about empowering women.
*      We call forth leadership in newer FCJs, other women and young adults.
*      We extend our visibility and ministry to/with young women.
*      We ensure the growth and development of our corporate ministries.
*      We value and validate the life and ministry of our Companions in Mission .
*      We face our financial reality and its implications for mission and new initiatives.