The preparation programme for prospective Companions in Mission will include:

Resource materials for preparation.

The preparation programme lasts at least 18 months with regular meetings. The frequency and duration of these meetings will be determined by the mutual agreement of those involved.

The prospective Companions in Mission will contribute to the process of the preparation programme together with the FCJ Sisters.


Making commitment as a Companion in Mission

When the preparation programme is completed, the person seeking to become a Companion in Mission discerns with a representative of the Society her/his readiness to take the next step.

Companions in Mission badge.The person who is ready to make a commitment as a Companion in Mission applies to do so and, if accepted, is invited to proceed to commitment by an FCJ Provincial.

Provincials will formally receive the commitment of the Companions in Mission in a suitable ceremony.

The Companions in Mission badge is presented at the Commitment Ceremony, and may be worn by the Companion as an exterior sign of commitment.

This commitment is made for a period of two years and may be renewed as often as desired after discernment between the person and the FCJ Society.