Dear Companions in Mission,

Loving greetings to each one of you!  May you be blessed with an ever-deepening love for Jesus, our Companion!

A most heartfelt welcome to this section of the FCJ website which features the vision and activities of Companions in Mission.  This site offers you the opportunity to communicate with other Companion in Mission groups: to let yourselves be better know, to animate and encourage one another.  Also, since it is a site open only to FCJ and Companion in Mission coordinators, FCJ Provincials, and to myself as International Coordinator, it provides an opportunity to express your views freely and to make suggestions which will contribute to the up-building of the Companions in Mission and to the FCJ Society.

Pictures are a wonderful way to communicate.  Please send in pictures of your group’s significant events.  The short histories of each group will be featured on this site, as well as a Companions in Mission News Sheet which will be published three times a year.  News items regarding your activities, in particular of your apostolic ventures, are especially welcome.  In this way we will be encouraging one another to become more fervent ‘apostles for a more human, loving world’.  Working together, FCJs and Companions in Mission, in the company of our Faithful Companion, we will intensify our apostolic fruitfulness. 

Our greatest desire is to show to our suffering and wounded world ‘the gentle, human face of God’.

Thank you for the companionship you offer.   May this site deepen our sense of being one Body with Him who so loves us.


Paula, fcJ.