Star with faces of FCJs from the Province of Europe.Who We Are

As communities of women religious located in Europe, we are committed to living the FCJ charism of faithful companionship with Jesus in eight countries: Belgium, England, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Romania and Switzerland. Our Ignatian Constitutions encourage us to 'find God in all things' and to make God's presence known wherever we are sent on mission. Our mission is not only what we do but more importantly who we are as we do it. Animated by the vision of our foundress, Marie Madeleine d'Houët, our vocation is to be faithful companions of Jesus, companioning with God's people wherever we are and whatever our work. Like Mary and the holy women, we stand at the foot of the cross of Jesus, as that cross is experienced in the world of today.

We are Catholic sisters who make a lifelong commitment, for we see our mission as the whole of our lives given in service. For us, our diverse ministries (which include retreats, spiritual guidance, counselling, faith development, active promotion of faith and justice concerns, parish and diocesan work, ecumenical and inter-faith dialogue, education, hospitality and prayer, care of immigrants, care of the elderly, and prison visiting) are contemporary expressions of Marie Madeleine's understanding of companionship with Jesus. Across the province, our ministry outreach is also exercised through a number of corporate works: aided by our lay colleagues, we are trustees of several schools (in Belgium, England, France, Jersey and Ireland) and run three spirituality centres (in Belgium, England and Ireland).

In some of the countries where we live and work (in England, Ireland, Italy and Romania), small groups of women and men have chosen to be in association with us and to make a formal commitment to live our charism of faithful companionship with Jesus. These people are called FCJ Companions in Mission.

Like Mary, Mother of Jesus and Mother of the Church,
and like the holy women, messengers of the Good News,
we are sent to proclaim the Truth, Jesus who is alive and lives among us,
who is Son of God and Saviour of the world                                                     
(FCJ Constitutions 3)

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