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FCJ Symbols used in the Offertory Procession.

The end of an era – Middlesbrough ... August 31st 2009


For the last 138 years and since before the establishment of the present diocese, the Faithful Companions of Jesus have been involved in Catholic education in Middlesbrough, England.  This comes to an end with the closure of The Newlands School FCJ on August 31st, as part of a reorganisation of schools.

Across the years the FCJ sisters have been involved in several Catholic schools in this Northeastern town:- St Mary’s, St Patrick’s, St Richard’s, St Augustine’s and have had legal responsibility for the Newlands School FCJ (which evolved from St Mary’s Convent FCJ).

The Bishop of Middlesbrough presided at the closing liturgy.

Many priests concelebrated the closing Eucharist.

Picture of pupils who provided the music.The ending of this fine tradition of schooling was marked by a concelebrated Mass of Thanksgiving on July 4th in Middlesbrough Cathedral at which the chief celebrant was  Rt. Rev. Terence Drainey, Bishop of Middlesbrough.

The music was created by pupils of St Augustine’s Primary School and the Newlands School FCJ.

More musicians.

Instrumental music. 

The event was attended by Sr Katherine Mary O’Flynn, General Superior of the FCJ  Society, by Sr Margarita Byron, Provincial Leader of the FCJ sisters in Britain, by former students (including some who are FCJ Sisters), as well as by many friends and colleagues from across the years.

FCJs present at the celebration pose with the Bishop.

Many friends and colleagues attended the event.

We give thanks for the many blessings God has given us across the years!

FCJ Sisters present at the Celebration.

We pray for every blessing on all involved in Catholic education in Middlesbrough! 

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