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An FCJ Sister at the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference,
7th – 18th December 2009

Photo of Sr. Christine Anderson, fcJ.

Christine Anderson fcJ attended   the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference as part of the Maryknoll  NGO delegation, which included 12 people from several different countries and with a variety of backgrounds and expertise. Through the courtesy of Maryknoll,  FCJ Sisters were privileged to have a representative at this historic meeting. 

The delegation of which Christine was part attended  the first six days of the conference, that is, the days for negotiation.  Being part of the Maryknoll delegation Christine was able to attend NGO briefings.  She was at sessions in the Bella Centre to hear countries presenting their case, and sessions in the Climate Forum, the alternate complementary event trying to influence from outside.   Five hundred NGOs were represented at the conference.

Christine was invited to side events, including one organised by the Global Peace Initiative for Women. It was a private event gathering contemplative leaders from around the world to address the spiritual dimensions of Climate Change: a New Partnership between Science and Religion.

Christine did not forget the human face of Climate Change and presented a copy of The Human Face of Climate Change (a compilation of articles submitted by FCJ sisters and Companions in Mission), to Sharon Taylor from the UN Secretariat who was delighted to receive it. Sharon said that there is great interest in getting 'on the ground' information from humanitarian and faith based sources.

Christine comments on her experience:   The most worthwhile event for me in the conference itself is really the NGO briefings because there I can be part of the analysis of what is going on and we get updates from the press conferences, the political activists and share our insights. The UN machinery is very heavy and I suppose if I have realized anything this week it is about how much we all have to learn.

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