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FCJ Formation Meeting—Trimming the Sail

Photo showing the sacred space.The sun shone on the FCJ Formation meeting held from 21 June – 2 July, 2006.   The theme, "Trimming the Sail" was seasonal for this time of year in this location.

Thirty-one FCJs joined general leadership for this gathering. It was a significant and life-giving event during which we attended to some of the important aspects of preservation and development of our Society.

Speakers included Margarita Byron fcJ, Mark Rotsaert, SJ from Belgium, Gemma Simmonds CJ from London, Mrs. Sue Pianta-Morrish from Dover, Ann Concannon, St. Louis Sister from Ireland.  Anne Murray, a St. Louis Sister from Ireland was the facilitator.

      The sacred space reflected the
       theme of ‘trimming the sails’Group photograph with lighthouse in background.

A group photograph taken
on the last day of the Formation Meeting
with a beautiful view of ‘our’ lighthouse

Photo: Prayer in movement.

Photos of table conversations.

There were
lots of table

Photos of Table Conversations.

         An enjoyable outing to Hever Castle

Pictures of an outing to Hever Castle


Photo: In Canterbury by statue of King Ethelbert

Sisters Maeve Shannon, Gloria Calabrese and Joanna Walsh  were all on the staff at St John’s International School in Brussels



In Canterbury with King Ethelbert

Photo of three sisters who had all worked in Brussels.

Photos of closing gathering.
Province of Asia-Australia entertains the group                            Thanking Sr. Katherine Mary

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