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New Venture of the British Province in Liverpool, England

Photo of plaque reading:  "Hidden or not hidden, God is present.\".A new mission to build on strong foundations ...

We have a new community is in Wavertree, Liverpool, in the North West of England.

We already have a community close by, so we have a lot of contact with those sisters. The FCJs have a long history in Liverpool and we are very well known in the area. It is good to be continuing the work of the many sisters who have lived here over the years. Liverpool has just won a bid to become Europe's Capital of Culture in 2008.

Who is in the community?

There are currently just two sisters in the community: Lynne Baron and MaryAnne Francalanza. We are both teachers and work in Bellerive Catholic College, an FCJ secondary school. MaryAnne teaches Maths and Lynne teaches Physics. You can find out more about us on the British Province Page!

Photo of meeting area.Why did we open this community?

As a province we felt that there was a real need to respond to the great thirst for spirituality that we experience in so many young people in this country. The community has also become quite a resource for people who are seeking to take time out to consider their direction in life, and it has been a pleasure to welcome young people from Malta, Hungary, France and Switzerland as well as those closer to home from England and Scotland!

Photo of the Chapel.


What is new?

In some ways this is a continuation of the mission of every Faithful Companion of Jesus. Our community's main ministry is to be a place of welcome for young people who are seeking God in their lives. We try to provide opportunities for prayer and reflection for young adults, giving them a quiet space in which they can take time out from busy schedules to deepen their relationship with God. The new aspect comes in trying to respond in new ways to the changing circumstances in which young people find themselves in this multicultural city.

 Photos of the outside of St. Hugh's house.

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