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Irish Dancing comes to Isleworth

In September 2009 Gumley House School was the venue for the biennial Scoil Rince Ceim Oir Open Feis  (ceim oir meaning golden step).  In the words of the championship advert,  ‘we have again the fabulous venue of Gumley House School with the facilities to run six or seven stages if required, to avoid congestion in the halls’

Moms helped their daughters with the large culy 'river-dance wigs'.

Parts of the ‘fabulous venue’ campus resounded to the sound of Irish music as the 700 competitors competed for the championship titles.   Boys and girls practised their steps, Mums helped their daughters with the large curly ‘river-dance wigs’,  vendors sold all manner of glittery dancing dresses.  Audiences sat wrapt in admiration as youthful energy was poured into hard-shoe dancing and soft-shoe dancing;  jigs,  reels, horn-pipes and figure dances were executed with beauty and discipline.

Details of some of the costumes.

The ten adjudicators were from Dublin, Manchester, Leicester, Coventry, Louth, Cavan and Clare  The competitors were from all over Britain and Ireland.  The winners of the girls open championships carried off tiaras, whilst the boys were awarded belts.

Individual dancers in their costumes.

Many ‘golden steps’ were dances.  Scoil Rince Ceim Oir well done! 

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