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Theresa (Terry) Smith fcJ - Language School Cochabamba, Bolivia
Preparation for Ministry in South America

Maps of Bolivia.

Group of language students.Sr. Terry Smith is currently studying at the Maryknoll Institute in Cochabamba, Bolivia in preparation for ministry in South America. The institute promotes a sound,  interactive pedagogy and Terry is well pleased with the programme. 

A feature of the learning strategy is that students are partnered and support each other in language learning and cultural insertion. The student body is truly international and ecumenical.

The programme includes insertion experiences and Terry has already visited two orphanages:  Casa Nazareth which  is for boys, 5-12, who have been living on the streets; and Salomen Klein is for infants to five year olds; there are many children without families. Bolivia has not allowed international adoptions for a number of years but now allows people from some countries to adopt e.g. Spain, Italy, Norway.  People from Canada and the USA may not adopt Bolivian children because these countries do not have a national adoption program in place.

A highlight for Terry was a recent visit to the huge market of  Feria Avenida America. Terry writes, “…there were all kinds of vegetables and fruit there along with many household items.  Most of the produce, if not all, is from the country area of Cochabamba.  I am learning many new names and trying hard to remember at least some of them!  Purple potatoes and several other varieties were part of today’s groceries.”

A recent celebration was  “El Dia de Los Compadres” on February 15th. Compadres and Comadres Days celebrate godparents and their relationship to the parents of the baptized. It is always a day of great celebration which includes a lot of water throwing.  The students were advised to take extra clothing with them to the carnival, in case the many water throwers hit their targets!

Picture of zampona.Terry has had  her first zampona lesson and along with other students is waiting for instruments to arrive from La Paz.

Terry is no newcomer to language learning.  When living in Ireland as a young sister she actually learnt Irish. No mean accomplishment for someone not brought up to speak this ancient language from youth!

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