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First Profession of Sr. Elizabeth (Ely) Peralta fcJ
and of Sr. Silvana Toledo, fcJ

On 4 February 2006 Sisters Elizabeth (Ely) Peralta and Silvana Toledo made first vows in Salta, Argentina.  The bishop of Salta, Mons. Mario Antonio Cargnello, celebrated the Mass of Profession.  Friends and family joined the FCJ community for the celebration

Preparing the barrio chapel for the ceremony.

Preparing the chapel for the ceremony.         Preparing the chapel for the ceremony.

Ely (left) and Silvana (right) make their vows.

Ely makes her first profession of vows.      Silvana makes her first profession of vows.

Celebrations after the ceremony of profession.

Celebrations after the Ceremony of Profession.

My first vows

On February 4, 2006 here in Salta, with my companion of the journey, Silvana Toledo, we made our first vows as Sisters Faithful Companions of Jesus.  It was a way of living the loving presence of God who was with me from the start of my journey and a day of sharing that happiness with friends and, above all, with our families who have always accompanied us from far away and by prayer as they always used to tell us.

When you are in front of the one who receives you to become a member of the congregational family, it’s with the feeling that you give everything and leave everything of yourself in the past. I am referring to what a family is in the moment when we moved form being beside our parents and incorporated ourselves into the body of the entire Society, in this case with the Sisters in this part of the world, and in union of prayer  with the ones far away.

For many people and especially for our families, it was a way of testifying the presence of God and the desire to tell God with open heart, “Here I am, Lord, open to accept the will of God”, forgetting oneself and giving oneself completely to God.

This is an important and strong beginning, I feel as if it’s a more solid commitment and I believe it, it’s a commitment to the will of God and what’s left is to give God the answer God desires, and continue in this formation for life.

Thank you for sharing this joy from the moment I began to walk among you all. Thanks,

Elizabeth , fcJ

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