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New Province configurations call for new relationships
and much dialogue as well as structural planning!

Photo of members of new Province of Asia-Australia.


At the present time the Province of Australia, the Area of Indonesia and the Area of the Philippines are moving towards becoming the new Province of Asia-Australia while the Province of Canada, the Province of the United States and the Area of South America (Argentina and Bolivia) are on the same journey towards the new Province of the Americas.


Participants of the Congress in Melbourne

Participants of the Meeting in Albuquerque.


To facilitate these developments, two Conferences were held during the year which brought together as many members as possible of each new Province. The first was in Melbourne, Australia, at the end of December 2000 and into January 2001 while the other was in Albuquerque, USA, in June 2001.


Participants of the Meeting in Albuquerque

Both these gatherings were moments of great enthusiasm and generated much energy for new possibilities in serving God's people. May our unity be strong as we live our wonderful diversity of culture and may we continue to walk with integrity and hope!

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Ang among Kapunungan naningkamot diha
     sa pagdayeg sa kasing-kasing ni Hesus
           inubanan sa Iyang panabang.     (Marie Madeleine)