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Three Month Programme in Preparation for Final Vows

Group of four sisters preparing for final vows.At the end of August, when we began the three months programme of preparation for final vows in Broadstairs (England), the weather was very warm. Our hearts warmed up also with the welcome from Katherine Mary fcJ and the central community, from the Stella Maris community, and of course from. Margarita Byron fcJ and Claire Sykes fcJ, our companions and facilitators in this programme. They led us gently into it through some introductory days and a short retreat, which helped us to enter wholeheartedly.

Now the weather  is becoming colder but our hearts are warmer because they are full of gratitude.

It is a privilege to be with FCJs from different countries, different communities, different cultures, but on the same journey.  It is a blessing to have the opportunity to nurture our souls and minds for this crucial step in our lives.

Two days a week we have time to learn, reflect and share about FCJ life and the vows. On Tuesday morning we have a visiting psychologist who helps us focus on our human development.  Thursday is a day to reach out to people in the local area. Alicia helps in a Café run by a Christian Housing Trust in Ramsgate; Lumi works in the workshop of the L’Arche community in Canterbury; Bing assists in a special school for severely autistic children and Irene helps in a drop-in Centre for refugees in Margate. Friday is a quiet day for reflection and reading.  We have also had short workshops on prayer through painting and using clay in prayer, on parables: stories for spiritual perception. We spent a weekend in London learning about healing through the touch of simple massage.  We look forward to some more short workshops including a day on Creation Spirituality and an inter-faith experience in west London as well as an introduction to the inter-faith communities of east London.

We  continue to enjoy the  sharing at mealtimes, and films, dance and fun during our recreation times. It is being truly a sacred and blessed time.

Bing Delos Santos, Wati Irene, Luminiţa Popescu, Alicia Pérez

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