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First Profession  of Sr. Agnes Dinihari, fcJ

Photo:  Sr. Agnes signs her vow document.We rejoice with Sr. Agnes Dinihari who made her first vows as a Faithful Companion on Jesus on Sunday 10th September in the community chapel at Soropadan,Yogyakarta, Indonesia.  Sr. Barbara received her vows on behalf of Sr. Katherine Mary. 

Agnes has been missioned to Baciro and she will do a two-year diploma course at Sanata Dharma University in Yogyakarta. 

Photo:  FCJs gathered for Sr. Agnes' ceremony.


I would like
to thank
all of you
for your love, support
and prayers
on my First Profession.
Let us keep praying
for each other
as we continue our journey as
Faithful Companions of Jesus

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Ang among Kapunungan naningkamot diha
     sa pagdayeg sa kasing-kasing ni Hesus
           inubanan sa Iyang panabang.     (Marie Madeleine)