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First Profession of Elvisa Camilion fcJ and Salvacion (Ciony) Sodusta fcJ

Maasin City -- The Philippines -- September 8, 2007

A Special Day ... Salvacion ...

September 8th, the birthday of Our Lady, has always been a special day for me.  My name is Salvacion, and I was named after Nuestra Senora de la Salvacion.  This year the 8th September became even more special to me as it was the day I made my vows as a Faithful Companion of Jesus, and dedicated my whole life to God and to the service of God’s people. 

I really felt the support and prayers of my FCJ sisters and companions.  The moment I made my vows I experienced the energy of God’s loving presence giving me confidence and strength for all that lies ahead. I felt like a bride, so happy and grateful. The joy and peace I felt brought joy to others, especially to my parents. They generously supported me in silence and hugged me – blessed me with their love. They were the ones who first planted in me the seed of faithfulness, so their support touched me deeply.

Our Foundress, Marie Madeleine, once said “to have this name, Faithful Companion of Jesus, I would give everything, all that I am”.  I resonate with these words, and I pray that, by God’s grace, I may truly live as a Faithful Companion of Jesus for the rest of my life.

“to have this name, Faithful Companion of Jesus,
I would give everything, all that I am”

Margaret, Elvisa, Ciony, Bing, Barbara, Judith, Clare.  Clare, Elvisa, Ciony and Judith.
Margaret, Elvisa, Ciony, Bing, Barbara, Judith, Clare                                  Clare, Elvisa, Ciony and Judith

Saying “Yes” to God’s Call ... Elvisa ...

Saying “Yes” to God’s call is very fulfilling in my life, so I felt blest when on September 8, 2007 at 10 o’clock in the morning in Sto. Niño Parish, Maasin City, I made my First Profession as a Faithful Companion of Jesus. This had been my dream which now had become reality in my life.

On September 7 at 2 o’clock in the morning my family arrived in Maasin. It was an exciting event for all of us, because my brother and sisters and my parents, all live in different places and now they met here in Maasin for my Vows.  It was a great family reunion.

This was a busy day for our fcJ Sisters and our scholars from Manila and Maasin who did all the cleaning and decoration in the church and the reception hall.  When I reflected on it, it was like a wedding ceremony in Philippine culture wherein the bride has nothing to do except have a day of reflection and quiet while others are busy cleaning and  decorating. In our culture there is usually a party the night before the wedding but for the FCJ Community there is a Welcoming Ceremony. 

Early the morning of September 8,  people were slowly arriving in the Church already, so by 10 o’clock the Mass started with a procession to the altar while we sang “Awit sa Himaya” which means “A song of Praise”. I chose this song because of my desire to sing praise to God forever as I think of his faithfulness and goodness in my life.  He really showed me the way I should walk.

I’m so glad that over a hundred people were able to witness the Vow Ceremony.

Two priests concelebrated the Mass with Fr. Cruf Climaco, the officiating priest, who gave a wonderful homily.  I was touched when he said “Are sure that you give everything you have for God?” This question was very powerful for me and showed me that in giving everything, I have to be dependent on the grace of God. For this, I felt really challenged as a newly professed sister.

Next morning was the Missioning Ceremony, for which  I would like to thank the Ende Community who prepared it.  One of the symbols we received was a stole with our name and the FCJ symbol printed on it, which Barbara put around our shoulders praying that the Four Companions, Poverty, Humility, Obedience and Gentleness would be with us always.

For all the FCJ Sisters in the Philippines and Indonesia, I would like to thank you all for your hard work, which made our Vows wonderful and meaningful.  And for all who could not be with us, thank you for your prayer and loving support.

YES! The Lord has done great things in my life.  I will praise the Lord forever and ever. Amen.

The Lord has done great things in my life.
I will praise the Lord forever and ever.

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Ang among Kapunungan naningkamot diha
     sa pagdayeg sa kasing-kasing ni Hesus
           inubanan sa Iyang panabang    (Marie Madeleine)