Section title text:  Recent News.

The Darbys with three FCJ Sisters.From Broadstairs to Myanmar to Gumley ...
'inter-connecting' visitors!
20 December 2014

John Darby and his wife Dinny visited Gumley in December where they were warmly welcomed by Alice fcJ, Claire fcJ, by all who were at home.

John is from Broadstairs where he taught at Holy Cross College for many yearsl He attended Mass regularly at Redriff and Stella Maris and knew Rita fcj very well.

In March the Darbys visited Myanmar; during their December visit to Gumley John brought photos from their triip.

Our evolving universe, so rich in mystery, beauty, chaos and diversity
pulsates with the subtle vibrancy of the Spirit of God –
God who longs for intimacy and interconnected relationship.

Our little Society has for its end
     to glorify the heart of Jesus
           by  every means in its power ...     (Marie Madeleine)