Section title text:  Recent News.

Anouska Robinson-Biggin fcJ makes her final profession of vows in London
3rd January 2015

Many FCJs from Europe were blessed to be able to gather at the Jesuit Church of the Immaculate Conception in Farm Street London on January 3rd to celebrate with Anouska Robinson-Biggin on the occasion of her Perpetual Profession as a Faithful Companion of Jesus.

The presiding priest was Fr. Dermot Preston SJ (Provincial Superior).

Claire Sykes fcJ received the vows which were officially witnessed by Marie-Annick Guillouche fcJ and MaryAnne Francalanza fcJ.

The ritual of final profession has many beautiful moments but one which never fails to thrill me is when the following words are spoken:
We confirm that you are now fully one with us as a member of this Society of Sisters Faithful Companions of Jesus, sharing all things in common in our apostolic community. Be faithful to the ministry the Church entrusts to you to be carried out in its name.
There is such a profundity to these words. Yes, we are committing to live a life in common and to share material goods, but the commitment is even deeper. We promise to share our time, our gifts of person, our gifts of insight, our spiritual insights. We are committing to share our support and love when the going is rough as well as the joys of those consoling moments when ‘the sun shines brightly’.
Claire fcJ, General Superior

Anouska was so confident and humbly assured as she made her commitment – relying on the grace of God. Those of us who took part were both energized and challenged by the radical nature of her commitment.

Afterwards, all mingled in the parish hall and enjoyed afternoon tea in the company of Anouska’s many young friends, her family and FCJs.

Our little Society has for its end
     to glorify the heart of Jesus
           by  every means in its power ...     (Marie Madeleine)