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Myanmar says goodbye to Marion Dooley fcJ

The Myanmar community under a sign that reads 'Welcome to Sunset View'.The Myanmar community enjoyed a lovely holiday together in Kalaw before Marion Dooley fcJ returned to the Province of Europe.

The cooler temperatures and the beauty of Lake Inle provided a special context for prayer and blessing for Marion — giving thanks for her loving presence and her great spirit of mission in Myanmar for more than five years.

May your path be blessed!

This has been a year of great blessing for the Catholic Church in Myanmar ... as it celebrated 500 years of presence in this country.

Catholic Church in Myanmar
celebrates 500 Years

The Secretary of the Conference of Bishops, Bishop Fr. Leo Mang told the press that the 500th anniversary ceremony being held to show gratitude to the pioneer missionaries who spread Christianity in Myanmar and to educate the public with the history of Roman Catholicism in Myanmar, to let them know that local Catholics have been faithfully taking part in the building of the country and that Roman Catholicism had arrived in Myanmar long before it was colonised by the British. "We will pray throughout the whole year to mark the 500th anniversary of the Roman Catholic Church's arrival to Myanmar."

Exterior and interior of Yangon Cathedral; thousands of balloons fill the sky.

Catholics at the celebration; Cardinal Bo blesses children.

Our little Society has for its end
     to glorify the heart of Jesus
           by  every means in its power ...     (Marie Madeleine)