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Young women learn more about FCJ life as postulants
the first formal step in becoming an FCJ

Gabriela Lungu and Cornelia Virga will both become postulants in Bucharest on September 8th. Claire Thedrez who also comes from the Continental Province will begin her postulancy in October in Gumley. Maria Irene Indrayanti (Meita) will begin her postulancy in Yogyarkta on September 8th. We are indeed blessed to have these four women starting their journey of postulancy at this time. Welcome, Gabriela, Cornelia, Claire and Meita. We remember you in prayer.

This table describes the reception of two Romanian postulants.  

Photo: Claire ThedrezHello! My name is Claire. I come from France.
I am a new postulant with the Faithful Companions of Jesus.

How did I come to know the Faithful Companions of Jesus?
Through their website which is varied and has very interesting information.

Why the decision to become a religious?  
Because it seems that this is the way God is showing me. I am walking a new and somewhat unknown path which is now opening out before me.

Before  I took this recent step I spent time with some FCJ sisters to try to understand what inspires them and carries them forward.  I tried to see if I could identify with what animates and inspires them, essentially to see if their charism resonates with my inner self.

But why this congregation rather than another? 
In my heart I felt a call to an Ignatian congregation, to a community with Ignatian spirituality.  So I surfed the net to find out about the various congregations living Ignatian spirituality and it was the FCJ congregation that attracted me.

After reflection and with some hesitation I contacted the address shown on the web-site and asked could I be put in touch with the community not far from where I live. 

I visited the community and got to know something of the congregation.  I grew in my appreciation of  the sisters and asked to be received as a postulant.  My request was accepted by the provincial and so I have begun my postulancy.

How did I know that Ignatian spirituality was for me?  
There were at least two reasons, not least the fact that I had lived in a Jesuit retreat house for 13 years and had also made several Ignatian retreats.

Today I am in Gumley, a community in the British Province of the FCJ sisters. It is my first experience of life in community and my first encounter with a culture and language other than French. It is in fact my first experience of a different way of being

Living in community with the sisters will help me know more clearly if I am called  along this road in life. I trust that God will help me along the path and show me the way.  Only God can help me to persevere and show me the direction I ought to take.

Photo: Maria Irene Indrayanti (Meita) was received as a Postulant in Yogyakarta, Indonesia in the Province of Asia-Australia.

On the 8th September 2005 I was received as a postulant into the FCJ Society. At my reception, as a symbol of self giving in the FCJ Society, I gave an earthen vessel with a wide-open top, full of cracks and rough on the surface. It symbolized my vulnerability and weakness, and also my readiness to be formed, as an FCJ Postulant.

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