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New Novitiate for the Province of the Americas opens in Salta, Argentina

February 2, 2004

On February 2, 2004, a new novitiate opened for the FCJ Province of the Americas in Salta, Argentina. Elizabeth (Ely) Peralta and Silvana Toledo were received as novices by Patricia Binchy, who on February 10 became the new Provincial of the Province of the Americas.

FCJ Sisters from Bolivia and Argentina, together with Patricia and Shirley Majeau (from Canada) gathered to welcome the Ely and Silvana.

The reception of the new novices took place the day before the celebration of the 20th Anniversary of FCJ presence in South America.



FCJ Sisters gathered to celebrate the opening of a new novitiate in Salta, Argentina

and to welcome Silvana and Ely, new novices.
Below, Silvana and Ely share their reflections
on their preparation for and celebration of this special event.



God’s Paths which have led me to the Novitiate

I had been waiting to begin Novitiate with desires but without haste.

When, three years ago, I was invited to live a community experience with other young women I discovered and found Jesus within me. This discovery made me realize that God’s immense love for me invites me to deepen my love and from that inner transformation go out to others. I felt encouraged to take another step and that step took my far away from my world and showed me another reality. My time of postulancy in Bolivia was a wonderful and deep experience which put brakes on my anxiety to move on and to skip stages, with the danger of perhaps not truly living them. The Lord who is always present in me measures the moments and slows me down to seek more deeply for the best for me.

So now I am commencing a new stage in this, God’s path. I am walking with great care, looking and attending to what is said to me in each step that I take and The Lord again is present to me guiding me and caring for me in the form of lovely people who accompany me.

This “going deeper” is not an easy task, but it is a gentle challenge which increasingly absorbs me. I feel like a seed which has fallen into the ground, which is moved to grow each day and is ever putting down its roots more and more deeply. One day, perhaps it will send out shoots and will grow looking at the heavens, giving fruits of love and life and all that the Lord Jesus our Companion, asks of it.

Silvana, novice fcJ

Patricia Binchy, FCJ Provincial, receives Silvana and Ely as novices.
Patricia Binchy, fcJ, receives
Silvana and Elizabeth (Ely) as novices

FCJs present at the celebration welcome the new novices.
FCJ Sisters present at the celebration
welcome the new novices

Novitiate in Argentina - a personal reflection

PHoto:  FCJ Sisters living and working in Salta, Argentina.Before beginning Novitiate, we had a silent retreat accompanied by Margarita in a beautiful place called “El Siambón” in the Province of Tucuman, a mountainous region south of Salta. This retreat helped me to meet God in nature, in silence, in my inner self. It helped me to meet God above all in the Eucharist which nourishes me to live in the presence of Jesus, helping me to deepen what I feel and live in order to continue walking this road with Jesus as a faithful companion.

On 2nd February we had the reception as novices and we were given the responsibility of preparing the celebration. The truth is that I surprised myself because I experienced a deep peace; I couldn´t believe it myself!

I felt that this peace enabled me to live that moment with the whole of my being, to open myself to say “yes” to this new stage in my life and to give myself to Jesus and to my new FCJ family.
FCJ Sisters living and working
in Bolivia and Argentina,

back row (left to right) Juana, Anne, Silvana, Stephanie
front row (left to right) Paula, Alicia, Ely

Below: Novitiate Community in Salta
Photo: Novitiate Group in Salta.

We continue walking this path and with Margarita we are studying the Constitutions of the Society, being helped to mould us, showing us how to live in faith, enabling us to understand, step by step how to live the shared life in community which we are called to. With Alicia we are doing Theological Reflection. Both of these activities help us to live today´s reality with the people. God often seems to be far away for the people but in reality God is within them. I can look on my brothers and sisters with Jesus´ eyes and thus show myself how to calm their spiritual thirst.

The most important thing for me is to begin the day sitting with Jesus, meditating on His Word, and from it receive the immense love He has for us, knowing that that same love accompanies us and affects all our attitudes.

Novitiate is to give my life each day to the Lord and allow the Lord to mould me for his greater service, growing in faith, in love and in self-giving to Jesus in the Eucharist as the centre of my life.

Elizabeth (Ely), novice fcJ

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