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Philippines Fund-raising — NE USA (New England) and NW England

St Philomena School Portsmouth, Rhode Island, USA (one of the New England States)

Fund raisers St Philomena students.The students of St Philomena School Portsmouth, (a Blue Ribbon School) RI USA responded to the need for aid for victims of floods in the Philippines.  They organised a  book and bake sale which was a great success.  The students extend thanks ‘ to  all the awesome people who gave of their time, their talents, their books, their baking and on, and on.’

The weather was not the best, but in spite of the rain, the sale raised  with donations raised $1,765.00! 

Philippines fundraising Upton Hall  Students.

In students’ words ‘We are absolutely elated!  ...’ We can’t begin to mention the countless volunteers who have contributed time and energy to this event, big or small, you all made a HUGE difference in the lives of so many!  Thank you very, very, much for everything.  We hope our efforts will make a difference to the lives of many suffering people.


Upton Hall School FCJ, Wirral, England

As soon as they found out about the appalling weather and flooding in the Phillipines, two Year 7 pupils from Upton Hall School FCJ decided that they wanted to do something about it.  Following an assembly in school on the work of the FCJ sisters in Manila, they decided to organise a car wash to raise money to support the work of the sisters.  Together they raised £67.00.  In the words of the students,  " We know that the money will be put to good use to help improve the lives of children in the Phillipines"

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