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Visiting Moricetown, BC, CANADA from Tarija, BOLIVIA

Terry Smith fcJ and Mary Shea fcJ with people from Moricetown.Terry Smith fcJ who is currently on mission in Tarija, Bolivia, was on home visit in July.  She took the opportunity to visit Moricetown where she had been missioned for many years. In Terry’s own words she had a ‘FABULOUS visit’.

Terry met many friends and their families and, with Mary Shea, was able to go to Moricetown Canyon to experience a little of the Opening of the Fish Season Barbecue.  This annual event  is open to  tourists and all the village one day in July each year. Terry writes, ‘the fresh salmon is so delicious!!  Even though we had just had a great meal, there was space for a taste of the fish. How good it was for me to be there on that day since I got to see loads of people in one location!’ 

Photos of Moricetown Canyon and the Opening of the Fishing Season.

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