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Teresa Hennessy fcJ and Maryrose Dennehy fcJ - Cultural Transitions

Picture of Teresa Hennessy and Maryrose Dennehy.From November 22nd to 26th 2006, Maryrose Dennehy and Teresa Hennessy attended a course entitled “Cultural Transitions” as they were in the process of ‘re-entry” to Australia. 

Maryrose had spent ten years in Jogyakarta, Indonesia and Teresa had been in Manila for thirteen years.

The week was facilitated by Srs. Majella Treacy FMM, Marlene Hixon FMM., and  Patty Jo Crockett MGL who were skilled facilitators.

The ten participants came from different areas, East Timor, Kenya, Peru, Fiji, Kiribat, Pakistan, Indonesia, Mexico, China and the Philippines while their length of missioning varied from two to over thirty years.   The sharings were rich and of  great value. Maybe they can be summed up in the following quote:-

“All life is changing, growing, becoming,
and it is in times of transition that we find
a greater meaning and a deeper understanding!”

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