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Teresa White, fcJ, writes series of articles with a Lenten theme
for The Catholic Herald

Sketch of Lenten 'Tree of Life'.

Sr. Teresa Whitehas been engaged in writing a further series of articles for The Catholic Herald, a British newspaper with a large circulation. This time the articles have a Lenten theme and are reflections on the Way of the Cross.

We invite those of you who do not have access to The Catholic Herald and who would like to read Sr. Teresa's articles to download the pdf documents below.

Check out Teresa's earlier articles here.

‘as they go through the bitter valley, they make it a place of springs;
                    they walk with ever-growing strength’ (Psalm 84)

Download articles by clicking on name:

Stations of the Cross

Station I
Station II
Station III
Station IV
Station V
Station VI

Sketch of the Crucifixion with Mary and John standing next to Jesus.

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