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Perpetual Profession - January 18, 2003 - Juana Rios - Faithful Companion of Jesus

Photos of the Celebration.



How beautiful it is to look at the rising sun and see how the sun illuminates the holy town of God instance to instance, of that God who accompanies the people and is devoted because He himself is within.

God gave me life, the ways, options or many opportunities to choose from me being a woman to the calls of serving the people, the people who need all of us.

On February 18th I professed my final vows in Calgary, Canada, together with many FCJ companions, people of Central America and with that feeling of being accompanied by other loved ones from the south and other parts of the world.

The ceremony was very beautiful. It was celebrated by a priest from Mexico, who has worked many years in Calgary. The chapel was very beautiful since my companions had arranged it with flowers, plants and above all with their presence.

The celebration was in English and in Spanish. I pronounced my vows in Spanish and I thank Susan for her effort in questioning me in Spanish.

Many symbols were presented that are important for me by being part of my culture but also of my new culture which is more open to the world.

Among those symbols, the global world was presented and it made me remember all the FCJs of the world as I surrendered to the service of the people of God.

After the ceremony we had a delicious lunch with a beautiful cake which was home made by the generous people working there. All the attention and generosity of everyone towards me was very special.

More photos of the Celebration.

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