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First Profession of Vows - May 17, 2003:  Sr. Inez fcJ and Sr. Sisca fcJ

Sr. Barbara receives the vows of Inez and Sisca.

The morning of May 17, 2003 was a happy day in our lives. Our families, friends, and FCJ companions were present and united in prayer with us for our celebration of Vows as Faithful Companions of Jesus.

With our families and our FCJ sisters, we walked to the altar with lightness in our steps. The Celebration of the Eucharist which was led by Father Joannes Hartana Budi, SJ, began with the sprinkling of holy water. This reminded us of the gift of Baptism which initiated us into the circle of God’s family. Baptism is also a sign that we are more intimately consecrating our lives for God's service.

A very touching moment for us was when we publicly proclaimed the Vows of Religious Chastity, Poverty, and Obedience as Sisters Faithful Companions of Jesus.

Our Provincial, Sr. Barbara Brown-Graham, as the representative of the Society, was present to receive our Vows.

Having made our Vows, each of us received the FCJ badge and also the FCJ Constitutions as a sign of our membership in the FCJ Society.

kSignificantly, for the first time ever, two of the official witnesses were themselves Indonesian fcJs.

Each of our unique journeys as Faithful Companions of Jesus, has been marked by the support of our families and our companions throughout the Society, especially our companions in Indonesia.

Our vows are the sign of our self-offering to God as Faithful Companions of Jesus, for the greater glory of God and the service of all God’s people.

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