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Last Vow Ceremony in Stella Maris Chapel
Renewal of Vows Sr. Agnes Dinihari Yulian FCJ               8 September, 2012

Agnes making her vows.Agnes Dinihari fcJ, member of the Soropadan community in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, renewed her vows in the Stella Maris Chapel on 8 September 2012, the last such ceremony to be celebrated before the move to Gumley. The lovely liturgy was officiated by Fr. Tom Herbst OSF and made special by the presence of FCJs from three Continents!

Agnes says: It was a joyful and meaningful moment for me
renew my vows in the presence of my FCJ sisters
and Marie Madeleine

We pray that Agnes may continue with faithfulness in the path of harmony and justice which will bring us into oneness with God!

Unsere kleine Gemeinschaft hat das Ziel,
      mit allen Mitteln ihrer Macht
           das Herz Jesus zu ehren ...     (Marie Madeleine)