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Celebration of Marie Madeleine in Jersey, Channel Isles

On Monday May 19th 2008, a Mass was held at SS. Mary and Peter’s Church on Jersey, to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of Marie Madeleine. The children at FCJ Primary had spent the morning working on various aspects of the life of “Gigi”, (the childhood name of Marie Madeleine) whom they had been learning about in a series of assemblies.

The whole school community, plus friends and former colleagues and pupils, gathered for the celebratory Mass, at which Marie Madeleine was powerfully present, through word and image and in the vibrant spirit which was so evident throughout the whole celebration.

Jersey gathering 1.      Jersey gathering 2.

Sisters Jo Barron, Loretta Madigan and Gloria Calabrese were happy to be able to attend and Jo spoke at the Mass about Marie Madeleine’s life and about the FCJ mission on the island since 1911.

The FCJ sisters may no longer minister on Jersey but the spirit of their Foundress, Marie Madeleine d’Houët, is alive, well and thriving, thanks to the loyalty, dedication and faithful companionship of all who gathered to celebrate on that joyful day.

Unsere kleine Gemeinschaft hat das Ziel,
      mit allen Mitteln ihrer Macht
           das Herz Jesus zu ehren ...     (Marie Madeleine)