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Genazzano logo.Inaugural Reunion in London, UK
Gate to grounds.of past students of
Genazzano College FCJ

Srs Brenda Wallace, Aileen Ryan and Denise were among forty guests who attended an inaugural London reunion of past students of Genazzano FCJ College, held in Australia House on October 22, 2006. Alileen and Denise are both past students; Brenda is not a past student but attended as principal of one of the FCJ London schools.

Sr. Aileen Ryan fcJ.      Sr. Denise Mulcahy, fcJ.     Sr. Brenda Wallace

The hostess was the principal of the College, Mrs Patricia Cowling.  A highlight of the successful evening was a short PowerPoint presentation showing recent renovations at the College and concluding with a slide of some FCJs who have been associated with the College, and who each spoke a word of warm greeting.

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Unsere kleine Gemeinschaft hat das Ziel,
     mit allen Mitteln ihrer Macht
           das Herz Jesus zu ehren ...     (Marie Madeleine)