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New CAFOD office in Katherine House, Salford, UK


Photo of key people involved in opening of the new CAFOD office.Sister Teresa FCJ welcomes Julian Filochowski, director of CAFOD to the official opening of the new CAFOD office. Also present are (from left) Peter Grimshaw, CAFOD North West regional organiser, the Mayor and Mayoress of Salford, Couns Benjamin Wallsworth and Mrs Muriel Jarvis, the Mayor and Mayoress of Bury, Couns John and Stella Smith, and Terence Brain, Bishop of Salford.

The wealth of support for a Catholic charity in Prestwich and Salford has prompted a new branch to be opened in the area.

Based at Katherine House, which is on the border of the two towns in singleton Road, the new CAFOD office (Catholic Agency For Overseas Development) was formally opened last weekend.

Representatives from the North West regional office in Preston were invited to the launch along with the Mayor and Mayoress of Bury and Salford and the Bishop of Salford, Terence Brain.

CAFOD raises funds for its partners overseas and as well as offering spirituality and wealth sharing with other countries, it is also involved in campaigns such as fair trade.

Run entirely by volunteers, the new office is open Mondays and Wednesdays and will offer an outreach service to local Catholic schools and the community as well as being a local point of contact for its many supporters. Anne-Marie Coppock, the regional assistant of CAFOD said: “Because we have such a wealth of support in this area we thought it would be suitable to have a local office. Preston seems a long way away from Prestwich and Salford and this new office will give us a closer identity to our supporters.”

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