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Province Assembly in Ireland — 16th May, 2009

The Irish Province held a Provincial Assembly in Mount St. Anne’s, Portarlington on the 16th May. Sr. Paula Mullen came from ‘Stella Maris’ and led the first part of the Assembly:

It was thought-provoking and interesting and certainly gave us food for reflection and we thank Paula for such a worthwhile delivery. Sr. Susie Boyce has undertaken to be the link person in the Irish Province for JPIC.

Pictures taken at the assembly.

In the afternoon, Sr. Ger. Curran gave us an very enlightening background  account of the steps taken to carry out the decision of the last Chapter to review the Governance of the Society. Led by Sr. Frances Kennedy, Srs. Ger Curran, Judith Routier, Marilyn Matz, Ruth Casey, Carmel Hanley have been in regular contact through phone calls and skype conferencing. With the assistance of Sr. Ann Munley, a sociologist, they have drawn up a questionnaire re governance which has been distributed throughout the Society.  They will meet at ‘Stella Maris’ during the Summer to collate the findings of the questionnaire.

Sisters at the Assembly.

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