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Update for Stella Maris Library

Photo of Claire working on the bookshelves.At the end of the Consultative meeting in July everyone helped to clear the Library in preparation for a re-decoration  and the installation of new shelving.  Thanks to imported FCJ help from Liverpool the books were boxed and the glass-fronted bookcases (which came from St George’s School) were prepared for the sale-room. The new shelving has increased the available shelf space.  Sr Aileen Ryan is creating  a data-base of the Library stock.   We have a wonderful collection of books acquired over the years.   May the library continue to support the many activities that happen at Stella Maris.

Claire fcJ    

Lynne fcJ and MaryAnne fcJ help dismantle the Globe-Wernicker bookcases

Photo: Aileen fcJ, Liz Robson and Denise fcJ polish, repair and move bookcases.
Aileen fcJ, Liz Robson and Denise fcJ polish, repair and move bookcases

Photo of bookcases ready to go.   Photo: loading the bookcases on the truck.
Ready to go! Being able to move  furniture is an essential FCJ qualification!

Aileen fcJ works on the new library database...
... against the background of the new shelving.

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