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Celebration of the first Annual FCJ Companions in Mission Day - September 27, 2009

“We thank God for the gift of our Companions in Mission and the mutual enrichment we experience. This is a
wonderful way for FCJ charism and mission to grow. Wherever the Companions in Mission live, they are united
with the whole Society and each one of us is called to commit herself to some form of support for their preservation and development.”
(General Chapter 2008)

On the last Sunday of September (or another date convenient in each local area) we celebrate(d) our first Annual Companions in Mission Day throughout the Society. This newly instituted event will be an annual celebration of  the life and work of   the Companions in Mission.

St Aloysius Convent, Somers Town, London England 

The Companions and FCJ sisters celebrated with enthusiasm.  Their afternoon together  began with prayer in the sitting room where in the  sacred space were the names of  the CiMs groups in each province.

  We gathered in chapel; the sacred space held the names of the CiMs in each Province.

During the prayer, each Companions in Mission group was prayed for.  As the afternoon moved on the Companions  moved to the computer room and ‘into cyberspace’ as each Companion looked at the Companions in Mission webpage.  

From chapel we moved to the computer room.

Each Companions had brought food of their own country so everyone enjoyed a truly international meal after which a  letter from Paula Mullen fcJ, (the International Co-ordinator) was shared with the group. Greetings cards were read. 

Anointing of each other.The gathering finished with a final prayer in chapel, during which  there was an anointing of each other as a sign of blessing and being sent on Mission.

The group picture was taken at the end of prayer in chapel.
Group Picture.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

On the last Sunday of September, September 27 this year, our FCJ Sisters at Palmerston Avenue hosted the first gathering of FCJs and CiMs to rejoice and thank God for the gift of spirituality and companionship which we mutually experience.

Ann Marie, Jane and Lois Anne planned some prayer time followed by a BBQ meal. Since the morning was dull and cloudy the idea of eating out of doors was abandoned for a sit down BBQ meal indoors.  However, the afternoon skies brightened so much so that by 3pm we were able to sit in the garden and enjoy each other’s company in warm sunshine until all ten FCJs and CiMs had arrived. At that point we went inside to the conference room in the Provincial House which shares the garden with the community house.

Ann Marie led us in prayer which began with receiving greetings from Trish and reading again Katherine’s Mary’s letter of May 27. The life of Marie Madeleine was powerfully depicted for us in PowerPoint.  The shared reflections showed deep appreciation for the presentation.

Reflections of participants.

During the course of the afternoon we held in prayer the CIMs from this area of the Province who for various reasons were not able to be with us. We were united with our FCJs and CIMs throughout the Society celebrating around this time.  Together we prayed for Sister Katherine Mary and asked Our Lady’s blessing for her and the whole Society.

Sentiments of participants.

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Serikat kita yang kecil ini bertujuan
     memuliakan hati Yesus
           dengan segala cara yang bisa dibuat Serikat ...     (Marie Madeleine)