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ACRATH - Australian Religious Against the Trafficking of Humans
August 2011 and 5th October 2011

An Australian FCJ, Sr. Denise Mulcahy, works for an organization called 'ACRATH' (Australian Catholic Religious Against the Trafficking of Humans ... website

Twelve members of ACRATH in Canberra.On Sunday 21 August 2011, twelve members of ACRATH went to Canberra (the Australian Capital) for their fifth annual prigrimage. For four days they spoke with over 100 Members of Parliament and their advisors about ACRATH's major concerns for people who are trafficked. During their time in Canberra they raised the following issues: the well-being of people trafficked into Australia and trafficking prevention strategies.

They also took the opportunity to meet with diplomatic staff representing Timor Leste, the Philippines, the People's Republic of China and Taiwan, thus initiating 'important new relationships which will assist our emerging work in partnerships with the Pacific ...'.

Sr Denise writes: 'It was a most successful visit and I enjoyed the experience thoroughly. It was a busy and pressured time. My main task was to co-ordinate the interview schedule .... The Parliament is surrounded by the Australian landscape and the views of nature from each window are just beautiful.

You can access the full report here.

Later, on 5th October 2011, ACRATH had a visit from the Minister for Justice and Home Affairs.

You can access the media release about this event here.

ACRATH is funded in part by the Australian Government, so this visit wa a formal acknowledgement that the Government has committed $350,000 over the next three years to ACRATH to support its work in anti-trafficking.

‘Slavery and human trafficking are a fundamental debasement of humanity.  The Government is committed to working in partnership with community organisations to address the full cycle of these crimes,’ Mr O’Connor said.

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