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A Year of Double Joy: April and October 2011
Two Indonesian FCJs make their first vows

This year has been a truly special one for the FCJs in the Province of Asia-Australia because we had the joy of twice celebrating the profession of first vows in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.  In April we celebrated Hartini’s first vows and in October we celebrated with Herlina as she made her first vows.  No two vow ceremonies are ever the same and this was very much the case for Herlina and Hartini. 

High points of the Eucharist and first profession of Hartini.

For Hartini the theme of mission was very strong.  Before becoming an FCJ Hartini had served as a catechist and teacher of religion in Kalimantan, Indonesia.  Several of the hymns Hartini chose were from Kalimantan and reflected the energy and passion of a missionary. 

Hartini's family and FCJ sisters gathered for the ceremony.

Monsignor Prajasuta MSF, retired Bishop of Southern Kalimantan celebrated the Mass for Hartini’s vows which were received by Sr Judith Routier FCJ.  It was clear during the service that Hartini was ready to be sent out to teach and to bring the Gospel to others.

By way of contrast Herlina’s vows had a distinctly Javanese flavour. A number of the hymns were in Javanese and even some of the Indonesian hymns were in Javanese style. 

Photos of high points during the Eucharist and profession of vows.

The celebrant was Fr Keiser SJ and Sr Judith Routier FCJ received Herlina’s vows.  Throughout the ceremony Fr Keiser drew attention to the fact that Herlina was committing herself to a life of companionship with Jesus and with others.  It is hoped that after studies Herlina will take up full time ministry with adults and children with special needs.

FCJ Sisters gathered for the celebration of Herlina's first profession.      
Serikat kita yang kecil ini bertujuan
     memuliakan hati Yesus
           dengan segala cara yang bisa dibuat Serikat ...     (Marie Madeleine)