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Central Community in Amiens together in September 2007

St. Albert - Notre Dame de Brebières In mid-September 2007 the Central Community spent a few days in Amiens. The weather was glorious and added to the enjoyment of our visit to the cradle of the Society. The visit gave us an opportunity for some extra prayer and reflective time. We made a mini-pilgrimage to Albert, a place so loved by Marie Madeleine.

We prayed in front of the ancient statue of Notre Dame de Brebière for our Society.

We walked to St Acheul, and marvelled at how significant this Jesuit college was in the foundation of our Society. 

It was here that Marie Madeleine came to know and appreciate even more deeply the Jesuit fathers. Under their guidance her prayer life flourished and she eventually felt attracted to the Jesuit ideal of total self-giving to the Lord.

We didn't walk through the fields to Camon but took the bus and walked back. It was very moving to pray at the grave of the 160 fcJs who are buried in the cemetery of Camon.

The route along by the Somme River was resplendent in Autumn light and the little gardens of the hortillonage were a mass of colour.

Two of our group, Denise and Kathryn returned home leaving Katherine, Claire, Frances and Susan to a few days of prayer, reflection and planning. Thank God we still have that little house on Rue du Puits. It has been in the FCJ family a long time! In 2008;it will be 190 years since Marie Madeleine bought it.

St. AcheulGrave in the cemetery at Camon.

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