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Celebration in Dublin — 29th March 2009

Mass at Balally.150th anniversary of the death of Marie Madeleine

The final celebration of the death of Marie Madeleine d’Houët, the Foundress of the Faithful Companions of Jesus in the Irish Province on the 29th March 2009, in the Church of the Ascension, Balally, Dublin.

Here the FCJ Sisters of the Dublin areas of Clondalkin and 311 Wedgewood, Balally came together to celebrate and give thanks, for what was given and received by the FCJ Sisters, and the people among whom we have been privileged to live and work.  And it was that!

There were representatives present from those areas who have known us for over twenty years and whose one message to us was to say thanks, offer hope and continued collaboration, and above all express gratitude for Marie Madeleine d’Houët, whose life has inspired the lives of all who are coming to know her at a deeper level.

The Presider at this Thanksgiving Eucharist was Mgr. Dermot A. Lane, parish priest of Balally, accompanied by Bishop Jim Moriarty, Bishop of Kildare and Loughlin, and Fr. Philip Bradley of Balally. The Balally Parish Choir had spared no effort to make this celebration memorable for us.

FCJs and Friends.

After the Eucharistic Celebration all were invited to meet and continue our thanksgiving in the Scouts' Den, nearby, where we were warmly welcomed, offered refreshments, and had some time to relax together, to savour and exchange memories and reflections.

For us, the celebration was memorable in many respects, not least for the many friends and relatives of FCJ sisters present, the Companions in Mission and Past Pupils; for the co-operation and collaboration of our parishioners, but more especially, by an almost palpable presence among us of this woman Marie Madeleine d’Houët.

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Serikat kita yang kecil ini bertujuan
     memuliakan hati Yesus
           dengan segala cara yang bisa dibuat Serikat ...     (Marie Madeleine)