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The Great Bake of Christmas Cakes – A Story of Generous Support

The Friends of Romania is a fundraising group formed in 1994 to support the work of the Faithful Companions of Jesus (FCJ) Sisters in Romania. It has been fund raising ever since.

Mixing the batter; mounds of ingredients; empty eggshells

In 2008 we were  invited to offer support to the work of the Sisters in The Philippines. So now we have become Friends of Romania and the Philippines. Our major fundraiser each year is the making and selling of Christmas Cakes.

Student helper ... the cakes are ready for the oven!

A busy kitchen

The Great Bake of Christmas Cakes, commenced in 1998. We cook at Trinity Grammar, MLC and Genazzano FCJ College. Each year we need to make more cakes. This year 3,500 cakes of varying sizes will come out of the ovens.

Dishes and still more dishes

Santa's helpers

Volunteers include 100 cooks and 120 students from several schools who do their community service by assisting the cooks. It is a great team effort.

Our orders come in from many individuals but also some organisations that sell the cakes on our behalf. These include the Australian Catholic University, St Vincent's Hospital Green Shop, a local butcher and the staff at several schools. One of our biggest orders comes from Jayco Caravans, a big manufacturer of caravans and he gives about 200 cakes to his staff each year.

As you can see we have gone beyond a cottage industry and that is causing us headaches. We need a permanent home with really good ovens. (We keep dreaming!)  This year our profit should be around $35,000.

Young men offer help; finished cakes ready for sale.

Proceeds this year will go to support scholarships for students in Romania and the Philippines.

The FCJ Sisters offer heartfelt thanks to the group:
Friends of Romania and the Philippines

Cakes packed ready for Collection

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