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FCJ Companions in Mission - International Site.First FCJ Companions in Mission in Indonesia
to begin their formation programme in Yogyakarta -
October 25, 2009

More than 20 people were invited to an information evening about FCJ Companions in Mission which was held on Sunday August 25.

18 people attended and there were several apologies from people who may still be able to join the program and begin their preparation to become FCJ Companions in Mission.  Ages ranged from 29 to 70. 

The first meeting is scheduled for October 25 with subsequent meetings on every fourth Sunday of the month from 4 - 7pm, and it seems certain that we will have a good-sized, enthusiastic group. 

One woman, Pudji, came all the way from Jakarta, a journey of several hours by train.  After the tsunami in Aceh, Pudji and Dewi fcJ were working together in the relief effort.

The Participants' main worry was the possibility of not being able to attend every meeting if it should clash with parish or other important commitments.  We hope to find a way round the problem. 

The team is composed of Sisters Agnes Dini, Clare, Dewi and Rachel - two from each of the Yogya FCJ communities.  We are grateful for your prayers for all involved in our first Companions in Mission group.

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