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Pictures of the devastation in Bagong Silangan.An Update on the Situation
following the Recent Floods in Manila

October 7th

Paola Terroni, fcJ, director of the FCJ Centre at Barangay Silangan, writes: 

The Center staff and I have visited the most badly affected areas of Bagong Silangan.  This is not so far away but they are not the people we usually work with. 

The people in our area are all right, there has been no loss of life and people are managing in their homes.  Some need help and we are giving it. 

As a staff we decided to keep a small group in the Center and to carry on as usual while the rest of us concentrate on the devastated area of our Barangay.

Locally in Tuazon squatter area we have distributed large quantities of food and clothing and slippers for children.

Everyone is working together and we are all fine.

I am sending you some photos, the bottom three show the state of the area and the top one shows people attending a makeshift clinic.  We have only just begun taking pictures as other activities were more urgent before, but we need to have a record.

We have been focusing on giving help in the following areas: food, medical attention, sleeping mats, blankets and mosquito nets.  So far we have run two makeshift clinics catering for many people and a third is scheduled for Saturday.  Fungal infections are a problem because of the mud and filthy water and now there is danger of dengue fever because of the mosquitoes (hence the nets).

The children will go back to school on Monday so now we will try to provide school supplies and uniforms.

The clean up process is slow and there is much garbage still lying around which in itself is a health hazard.  People are doing their best to pick up their lives again but it will take a long time. 

Thanks for your concern.

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