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An Outer and Inner Pilgrimage
Preparation Program for Final Vows and Deepening Commitment as FCJs
We packed and repacked as we made our outer pilgrimage.Yogyakarta, Indonesia, 30 Oct - 5 Dec 2009

The course participants were: Beta, Inez, Wina, and Yuni. The course director was  Marion Dooley fcJ, accompanied by Margaret O’ Donohue fcJ, Clare Hand fcJ,  Rachel Duffy fcJ, Afra Primadiana fcJ, and Wati Irene fcJ.

Outer Pilgrimage:
Because we could not find one place that could assist us for five weeks consecutively, we moved from place to place. All the places we stayed in belong to the Carolus Borromeus’s (CB) sisters.

Inner Pilgrimage:
We began our program with a sharing of our faith journeys.  We have no doubt that God always accompanied us faithfully in our life.  Since the beginning God has been present in every situation of our lives. This faith journey brought us to the next topic which is our personal vocation. It is a unique gift from God. We have been asked to see in our lives what God’s dreams for us are?  Finding our personal vocation is still a process for us.

We studied and reflected together.These two topics invited us to see deeper our FCJ charism and spirituality as we reflected on the book by Sr. Breda O’Farrell fcJ (Reflections on the Spirituality and Identity of the Society of Sisters Faithful Companions of Jesus). We connected this with our ministry and the gift of FCJ companionship.  We were deeply touched by learning about cosmogenesis and its implications for us.  We looked at the Vows based on our FCJ Constitutions, discussing and sharing about our experience of living them out.

Every topic had the aim of strengthening our focus for mission, as we learned more about how to be and not just how to do

The group and the formators.Our Society must be rooted wherever it lives.  Otherwise, it will be always a stranger in that place.  Learning that FCJ Indonesia is living in the ground of Asia, we tried to connect the FCJ values with Asian values. We found that Asian values such as simple living, contemplation, asceticism, and hospitality are compatible with the FCJ values.

We were reminded that we are part of the wider church as we studied the Pope’s most recent encyclical “Caritas in Veritate”.

We used dance to express our integration.We used creative exploring dance to integrate our pilgrimage experiences, in a way that brought us closer to God, to each other, and to the experience of freedom and relaxation.
We ended our journey in this program with eight days retreat.  In between our serious topics, we enjoyed our social activities together : played cards, watched movies and enjoyed outings.

We are really grateful for this opportunity, a moment to enrich, deepen and strengthen our commitment. We thank you for all, FCJ Sisters and Companions in Mission for your love and prayers. May we continue to grow in faith, hope, and love.

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