Section title text:  Recent News.

Alicia fcJ in Cordóba and the Bolivian Catholic University, La Paz
Summer (January) 2013

On January 2, 2013, Alicia left for the Camino Ignaciano where she helped give a workshop and the Spiritual Exercises to a group of about 40 young adults in Córdoba. The event is organized by the youth and vocation ministry of the Jesuit Province.

Alicia was part of the team (photo) made up by 4 Jesuits, a laywoman and three other sisters, plus the wonderful and indispensable kitchen team. Working with this team was a very good experience and it was a privilege to accompany these young people in their discernment, silence and prayer.

Alicia and team.

Afterwards Alicia travelled to La Paz (Jan 25- Feb 3) to teach one of her master-level courses at the Bolivian Catholic University. These are always days of rest and enjoyment, helped by the enthusiasm of the students.

Exams at the Catholic University of Salta started promptly after that, marking the end of the summer holiday.

La nostra piccola Società ha come fine
     di glorificare il cuore di Gesù
           con ogni mezzo in suo potere ...     (Marie Madeleine)