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Provincial Chapter: FCJ Province of the Americas
29 January 2008–5 February 2008

The Provincial Chapter of the FCJ Province of the Americas took place in Calgary, Alberta, Canada from January 29 to February 5, 2008.

By the night of January 28th, the Sisters had all assembled – from far and near – from Argentina, Bolivia, Mexico, the USA, from other parts of Canada and from Calgary itself.

The Chapter theme was Sacred Earth - I thirst; Tierra Sagrada - Tengo sed.

Margarita Byron fcJ was the guest speaker; she spoke of the unity of creation, the power of beauty to heal, cosmic reality and the Eucharist, and the connections between a creation-Christo-centric view and the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius. Together the delegates prayed Teilhard de Chardin's essay, Mass on the World accompanied by reading, music, symbol and dance. One evening they experienced a "cosmic walk" from the comfort of their chairs, as Margarita presented a beautiful powerpoint presentation of creation's development. Several Companions in Mission and friends joined the FCJs for parts of Margarita's presentations.

Simultaneous translation of the sessions from English to Spanish (courtesy of Alicia Pérez, fcJ) and the richness of liturgies using both Spanish and English was a constant reminder to all of the treasure of internationality and the joy of interconnectedness, despite the obvious disadvantages of huge distances.

A further highlight was the Province celebration on February 2 (a day when many FCJs began their journey as Faithful Companions of Jesus) of a dual Anniversary.

150 Years since the death of Marie Madeleine, our foundress

125 Years of FCJ presence in the Americas

Eight FCJ Sisters arrived in Canada in 1883 bringing the spirit and charism of Marie Madeleine to the Americas.

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