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Honoring the 150th Anniversary of Marie Madeleine ...
A gift of Fans ...

Preparing the fans for the orthopedic hospital.Following in the footsteps of their Foundress, Marie Madeleine, who cared for the sick, Filipino novices of the Faithful Companions of Jesus have served in the Orthopedic Hospital in Manila on many occasions over the years.

In honor of the 150th Anniversary of the death of Marie Madeleine the FCJ Sisters in Manila decided to offer a gift of nine electric fans to the patients in the severe spinal injury ward of the hospital. 

The people there come from all over the Philippines, they are seriously ill and some have been there for years, unable to move.  The fans, which are badly needed especially in the hot season, will, it is hoped, bring some comfort to the patients.

The pictures above show FCJ Sisters preparing the fans and the pictures below were taken at the presentation of the fans to the hospital on 24th March, 2008.

Presentation of the fans.

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La nostra piccola Società ha come fine
     di glorificare il cuore di Gesù
           con ogni mezzo in suo potere ...     (Marie Madeleine)