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Pictures from the celebrations in Paris, April 2008

What a wonderful few days of celebration in PARIS 
in honour of MARIE MADELEINE,
Foundress of the Faithful Companions of Jesus …

April 5th 2008 was 150 years after her death in Paris in 1858 when she was united to her Lord after a life of faithfulness to God! The whole celebration experience was of being together in one big united family. 

People gathered in Paris.

People gathered in Paris.

We were over 700 gathered from different countries and cultures—school groups from Bellerive, Gumley, Somerstown and Upton in England; St. John’s in Belgium; Laurel Hill, Bruff and Bunclody in Ireland—all mingled happily with pupils of Notre Dame de France.   Each presented their school on the Friday evening with the help of power point and song and there was time for fun as well as reflection.

Fun at the celebration.

It was particularly exciting for us FCJs, (probably over 30 were in Paris for the occasion, including the novices).  More than a hundred of Marie Madeleine’s family descendants, including families with small children and teenagers as well as older people, came to the Mass in Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral at 12 on Saturday 5 April. Imagine Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral full of people all with some link with Marie Madeleine!

Notre Dame de Paris.

Outside the cathedral.

Inside the Cathedral at Mass.

Afterwards everyone returned to Notre Dame de France for a meal in the marquee, happy to sit on benches and eat with the crowd of over 500 who enjoyed a very festive lunch. 

Refreshments after Mass.


The visitors were also really pleased to be able to visit the room where Marie Madeleine died and to pray there, and to see the museum and sign the visitors’ book.

In the museum.

In the museum.

It was all very impressive and heartwarming to see.  Notre Dame de France did a tremendous job of organising the whole week-end; everything went so well, calmly and with much joy. 

Notre Dame de France.

Praise God ... may Marie Madeleine listen to our prayers as we ask for healing and the graces we need to follow her example in our daily lives.

La nostra piccola Società ha come fine
     di glorificare il cuore di Gesù
           con ogni mezzo in suo potere ...     (Marie Madeleine)