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New Community House in Calgary, Canada
with a special focus on welcoming young women interested in religious life

Photo of the new house.On August 31, 2002, Sisters Pat Desnoyers, Mary Leahy, Donna Marie Perry and Mary Rose Rawlinson gathered in their new home. They were joined by Sister Marilyn Matz, Fr. Bill Trinekins and Fernanda, a young women discerning religious life for a Eucharistic celebration to initiate their new community.

The group was delighted to be together to celebrate their beginning at the same time as the new Province of the Americas was formally established.

This community will have as a particular focus the living of an open, inclusive, welcoming lifestyle where women interested in religious life and/or women in early formation could have a good healthy experience of apostolic community. Welcome!

Photo of the new community group.

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La nostra piccola Società ha come fine
     di glorificare il cuore di Gesù
           con ogni mezzo in suo potere ...     (Marie Madeleine)