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Taken by Surprise — the New Cosmology

teresa white. During recent sabbatical time, Teresa White fcJ did  intensive reading and writing. Because of the FCJ General Chapter Decree 2008, Teresa  chose cosmology as one of  her  study themes.  It proved to be a wonderful time for her, interesting, enlightening, enlivening.

Already committed to sustainable living, Teresa started reading about the ‘new’ story of the universe.  Its power and energy, caught her unawares. In the Introduction to her book Teresa writes that she considers some lines from a sonnet by Keats an apt description of her own experience: ‘Then felt I like some watcher of the skies/ When a new planet swims into his ken’.

The 'new' story fired her imagination – the initial flash of an inconceivably colossal explosion, the sparkling fragmentation, the chaos, the luminous vastness, the dynamic silence, the gradual unfolding (‘evolution’) of matter and life, the depthless depth, the immeasurable height.

'All this is beyond our understanding, and the only thing to do is to stand in awe before it.'  This is why Teresa gave her reflections the title ‘Removing Our Shoes’.

To read or download Teresa’s book click here.

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