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Celebratory Mass in Ballycragh — February 8th, 2009

150th anniversary of Marie Madeleine

In February 2009, Fr David Brough, Parish Priest in Bohernabreena where Mary O’Neill works as parish sister, invited the FCJ sisters to have a celebration for Marie Madeleine in the parish. On Sunday 8th with the Dublin mountains and all of Bohernabreena covered in snow the priests, people and Dublin FCJs gathered in the Holy Rosary Chapel of Ease, Ballycragh for the 10.30am Parish Mass to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Marie Madeleine.

Fr David, the chief celebrant, assisted by Frs David Fleming cc and Colm Mathews cc., welcomed everybody, especially the visiting sisters. The parish had prepared a beautiful and very fitting liturgy which was enhanced by the participation of both the senior and junior choirs. Eileen Foley gave the homily and there was much interest in her account of the life and spirituality of Marie Madeleine and the FCJ Society.

Sr. Maria fcJ thanking the parish communtiy at Ballycragh.Afterwards, the Principal of Glenasmole Primary School asked for some of the leaflets “MARIE MADELEINE….SHE LOVED MUCH” to use with the Confirmation class and there were requests for her life story.

At the end of Mass Maria Dunne thanked the priests and the congregation, and all involved in the preparation of the Mass after which all departed to the Nook to enjoy a cup of tea, refreshments and chat. The parishioners were delighted to meet the sisters and expressed much appreciation of the presence of FCJs in the parish over the last ten years and the hope that it would continue long into the future! Sincere thanks to Fr David Brough for his kind and much appreciated invitation to celebrate Marie Madeleine in Ballycragh!

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La nostra piccola Società ha come fine
     di glorificare il cuore di Gesù
           con ogni mezzo in suo potere ...     (Marie Madeleine)