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Salta cathedral.Marguerite Goddard receives Award from the city of Salta, Argentina

Salta celebrates its 427 anniversary!

Marguerite fcJ.



On 16 April the city of Salta, Argentina, celebrated its 427th anniversary of its foundation by the Spaniard, Don Hernando de Lerma. This year a national political movement “Libres del Sur” which means roughly “The free persons of the South” decided to recognize persons from different areas of life who make a contribution to the city.

Marguerite Goddard fcJ was chosen as a representative of the Church and received a plaque and certificate for her work and social commitment in offering love and service to the most needy in the City of Salta.

Congratulations Marguerite!

The pictures below show Marguerite and some of the FCJ Sisters' young neighbours in the barrio.

Pictures of the children in the barrio.

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